Udo’s Choice Infant’s Blend Microbiotic


With 3 billion ‘good’ bacteria per gram, Infant’s Blend is the perfect support to replenish the ‘good’ bacteria in your little one’s system, especially after antibiotics, giving them a gentle helping hand.


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– 3 billion good bacteria per gram
– Ideal post antibiotic
– Promotes regular bowel movements
– Easy to use powder
– Suitable from birth to five years

Udo’s Choice® Infant’s Blend Microbiotic is specially formulated to help combat many common early childhood issues to help little ones stay well.

Bifidobacteria, including B. infantis, B.bifidum and B. breve, should represent the largest population of beneficial bacteria in babies. They pick up these friendly bacteria from their mothers during their passage through a clean and healthy birth canal. Practice shows that B. infantis was found in approximately 60% of full-term newborns who were born vaginally and only 9% of babies born by caesarean section. Formula fed babies can also have significant differences from breastfed babies in the composition of their gut microflora because the heat used to pasteurise formula kills all bacteria.

So exactly how does Infant’s BlendMicrobiotics help? It contains six specially chosen strains of ‘good’ bacteria, including B. infantis, the most important microorganism in the large intestine of babies and toddlers. These strains are present at a volume that is both very safe and highly beneficial for their tiny, brand new digestive systems.

With Infant’s Blend Microbioitics you know you’re giving your little one a great helping hand – and staying well, as any parent knows, means more fun for everyone.

Recommended Use:

Dissolve 1⁄2 a teaspoon once a day in formula, breast milk or other liquid 1-3 times a day.


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