Udo’s Choice Children’s Blend Microbiotic


With 5 billion ‘good’ bacteria per daily capsule Children’s Blend is especially useful during the school term when the kids are exposed to more bugs.

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– 5 billion good bacteria per capsule
Ideal post antibiotic
– Daily support during the school year
– Suitable for children from 5 – 15 years

We all know a healthy body starts with a balanced level of so-called ‘good’ bacteria in the gut, but it’s all too easy to get caught in that common childhood cycle of sickness followed by microflora depleting antibiotics followed by yet more sickness. That’s where Udo’s Choice® Children’s Blend Microbiotics comes in handy.

Udo’s Choice® Children’s Blend Microbiotics contains seven strains of child-specific bacteria to support your kids wellbeing and are especially useful during the school term when kids are exposed to more bugs.

They are a terrific support for the systems of busy little people, so they can get on with all the fun stuff of childhood while feeling great and are recommended following a course of antibiotics.

Recommended Use:

Take 1 to 3 capsules per day after eating to help build up good intestinal flora.


Udos Choice® Children’s Blend must be refrigerated to ensure maximum potency & stability and may be frozen.

Please note this product will arrive unrefrigerated. With such a short timescale in transit its quality/strength will not be affected as the product has a long shelf life. Please refrigerate upon receipt and use as recommended. For this reason, we can’t accept returns of Udo’s Choice


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